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Donation Distribution:


STEF General Fund  *                         $______________________


STEF Wakat/Kelley Mothers Fund     $______________________


STEF NHS Veterans Memorial Fund  $______________________


Total amount of donation enclosed   $______________________


* Please remember STEF's general fund when making a donation to

the NHS Alumni Veterans Memorial fund. STEF has additional cost as the administrator of the memorial fund.


Remember, all STEF donations are tax deductible.


___  My/our name(s) may be included on website


___  Keep my/our name(s) anonymous

Please include below how you would like your name(s),

or "In Memory of", or "In Honor of" to appear on the website

for recognition.

Name(s) ______________________________________________________________





OR in Memory of _______________________________________________________


OR in Honor of   ________________________________________________________

Additional information for your donation receipt letter and tax purposes, 

not for publication.


Your Name___________________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________Phone____________________


City___________________________State________ Zip Code__________________




Northridge Alumni  Yes____  No____       If Yes, Graduation Year______________



Make checks or money order payable to: S.T.E.F. and send to:

S.T.E.F. c/o WAYNE BOGGS                        S.T.E.F. c/o NORTHRIDGE SCHOOLS
556 BRANDWYNNE  CT               OR        2011 TIMBER LANE

DAYTON, OH  45459-3016                            DAYTON, OH 45414